Last week was a busy one! It started with N, who wasn’t happy with the work another artist did on her brows. I thought the work was really nicely done, but mistakes do happen. Still, I did the work for her and it was a real pleasure. She was really happy, and I was thrilled to spend the time with her.

I did a touch up, er, a do-over on T. See, I know a thing or two about making mistakes. I want to encourage confidence in my work, but the truth is, there are things I do really well (brows!) and things I’m still struggling to perfect. I do a beautiful job in the shape of the eyeliner I create, but so far, the liner hasn’t stayed on several of my clients. What’s the point of permanent makeup if it doesn’t stay?

I’ve been most grateful for my kind and gracious clients who have allowed me a chance to redo their work. T came in this week for just that purpose. Fingers crossed I’ve improved my technique sufficiently to make a lasting difference. (har har!)

I also had the pleasure of touching base with L. She found me through Jacki at and has since been a wonderful supporter of my business through her own patronage and referring several people my way. Thank you L! She came in last week for a second microneedling treatment on a scar on her neck. She could potentially have one more, but we were both so pleased with the results of just one treatment that we’re hopeful this second one will be the last one needed. I can’t tell you the thrill it gives me to see the improvement in the appearance of this scar.

These images were both taken while lying down–you should see how great the scar looks while she sitting or standing! It’s quite a significant improvement. 🙂 Exciting!

Then Friday, C and S came in together for eyeliner, then returned the next morning for their brows! We were all so thrilled with the results. S most of all! N was a little hesitant because the liner and brows were “more” than she’s accustomed to, but with assurance that she looked great and that there would be some fading, she finally felt good about it. She kept looking at herself in the mirror when she thought S and I wouldn’t notice. It was fun to watch her falling in love with herself.


That’s what I love about this job. This is why I do what I do! That secret smile a woman wears when she sees herself in the mirror and, instead of cringing and thinking negative thoughts about herself, she sees herself in a whole new way. It doesn’t take makeup to be beautiful, but sometimes it does take a different perspective to allow us to see what others see. And if a little eyeliner and brow shaping helps you achieve that new perspective? Well, that’s a beautiful thing, too.

Love, Ali
West Jordan, UT

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