Welcome to Rise & Shine Permanent Cosmetics!

Hi, and welcome!

I first became a fan of permanent cosmetics when I got my eyeliner and lash enhancement done in 2016. Thing is, I was never a girly girl so it was totally bizarre that I’d want to get my eyeliner done in the first place. But hey, I still want to look good. And that’s the beauty of permanent makeup–it’s perfect for those of us who don’t care to spend a lot of time “putting our faces on” or who want to look good without any fuss.

Since then, I’ve gotten my eyebrows microbladed and my lips filled. I don’t know how it happened, but I was hooked!

I’m a writer, so a lot of my life is pretty lonely and private. I’ve been looking for a way to spend time with people–especially a way I could give some service to them. So, I enrolled in a course to become a certified permanent makeup artist. My love affair with permanent cosmetics and my desire to connect with people has come together in perfect synergy.

Let me help you discover the freedom permanent cosmetics affords. Let me give you a uniquely relaxing, enjoyable experience. Let me help you Rise & Shine.

Love, Ali